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Your car is your card

CarPay is a service that allows users to pay for goods and access gated locations with their car.
No need to take your wallet out or use a key fob to open the gate. Your car does it all for you!


Visual Identity & App

To make the brand come to life, we established a color palette, created a visual identity and designed the app.

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The app allows you to create an account and link your license plate number to your payment information. When you drive through locations that are supported by CarPay, your license plate is read by a camera and your payment is processed immediately.

App Screens Mockup.jpg

Go ahead, give it a try!



This flyer explains how CarPay works in 3 simple steps.

Flyer Mockup.jpg


To create awareness for the service, we created signage for locations that are supported by CarPay.

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Banner 1.jpg

Copywriter: Crystal Mason